Thys Loubser is an experienced leader and board member with over 35 years of CEO experience in the U.S., South Africa, the UK, and Germany.

Thys Loubser

  • Former CEO


Thys Loubser


Thys Loubser is an accomplished leader and board member who brings over 35 years of leadership experience. Loubser has led strategic company restructures across industries and international companies, with global CEO experience spanning the United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Germany.

Career History

Most recently, Loubser was the CEO of KVW, where he drove restructuring efforts to become an effective commercially focused business. Integral to this was unlocking value for shareholders through improving the quality of their products, for which the company was recognized with a record number of international awards. Innovating the company’s brand was also part of Loubser’s critical focus – he drove key improvements for their global footprint and introduced a range of new products. Loubser also brought on and empowered a new leadership team as they navigated the key strategic priorities of their international company.

Before that, Loubser spent ten years serving as the CEO of SANS Fibres, where he empowered his team across the board through leadership and coaching intervention. He led a transformation of the company into an industrial fibres company with a global impact by investing in PET production in South Africa. During his time at SANS Fibres, Loubser globalized the company by expanding into markets in the US, China, and the far East where they became a global market leader. While Loubser was at the helm, SANS Fibres received awards for best company to work for, exporting, productivity, and continuous improvement.

Prior to joining The ExCo Group, Loubser provided executive coaching and consulting at large companies in the South African region for over 13 years. His previous boards include Dulux (UK), SANS Fibres Inc. (USA), KVW International, Eggers & Franke (Germany), and Golden Kaan (Germany). In addition to his present work at The ExCo Group, Loubser is the chairman of the board for De Westhof Estate Trust.


Loubser has his Master of Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, and Project Management from Stellenbosch University. Additionally, he has his diploma in practitioner coaching (DCIP) through an affiliate of Middlesex University. Loubser currently resides in the Western Cape of Cape Town South Africa.