Case study | Leadership Pivot and Progression – Fortune 100 Executive

Senior Executive Development

Leadership Pivot and Progression – Fortune 100 Executive

The Challenge

This Vice President of a Fortune 100 technology company was a long-time employee who had a reputation of being a good execution leader but did not have a broader brand developed. The client was asked to take on a new role that was dramatically different than some previous experiences, yet critical for the success of the company. The inherited leadership team of this newly formed division were all long-time employees of the company, yet not all got along well with each other and the starting point was a significantly dysfunctional leadership team. The new-to-role leader had to enhance his leadership brand, rally and align a team around a common purpose, and build trust among the team and deep into the organization.

The ExCo Group Support

An ExCo Group Mentor was brought in to work with the client for a one-to-one mentoring assignment. After completion of initial assessment work and stakeholder interviews that included the entire leadership team and other key stakeholders, The ExCo Group conducted its leadership accelerator with the client and then embarked on regular one-to-one mentoring. In addition, the mentor partnered with another ExCo Group colleague to facilitate several team sessions. As a result of this work, the client regularly reengaged the mentor on numerous career moves subsequent to this one.


  • Initially the leader recognized some of the areas that were holding him back and, in working with his mentor, began an intentional push to strengthen his own personal brand which was clearly recognized throughout the company
  • Clear expectations were established with the team, which subsequently rallied around the purpose and improved their working relationships with each other
  • The leader strengthened his stakeholder network and became a clear advocate for the group, driving significant change throughout the company
  • The leader was then promoted as were many members of his leadership team. The leader was given a new assignment that required significant alignment throughout the entire company, which was done successfully
  • As the leader periodically worked with The ExCo Group, his brand grew stronger, leading to two subsequent critical roles that were essential to the overall company strategy
  • The leader was ultimately promoted to the leadership team and has a strong legacy of developing other leaders

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