Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Assessments of senior leaders should feel like they are being done for leaders, not to them.

We dial in on what really matters to advancing the enterprise strategy, rather than to a list of high-level or abstract competencies. The output provides motivation and practical development steps. To achieve this level of pragmatism for both key stakeholders– the individual and the enterprise – our approach to executive assessments encompasses stakeholder breadth, operational depth and organizational context.

Our Framework

The ExCo Difference

Conducted by Experienced Leaders

The ExCo Group deploys specially trained former C-suite leaders – Fortune 250 CEOs, and EVPs – as integral members of our interviewing teams.

Based on observed performance

The peer-to-peer nature of the individual debrief and action-planning removes most intellectual barriers for those participants who start out viewing 360’s as academic, too psychological or too theoretical.

Impactful & Transformative

Participants have consistently reported that this assessment is the most impactful development exercise of their careers, even when elements of the feedback have been hard to hear.

Tangible Outcomes for

Leaders . Managers . HR + Management . The Enterprise

*The ExCo Group can integrate an organization’s 3rd party survey assessment of choice into our process.

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