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Leadership Return
On Executive Assessment

Empowering leaders to own their development against what matters

As former operators, The ExCo Group understands where executive assessments can fall short of desired impact. With the fastpaced nature of strategic evolution today and the increasing responsibilities placed on senior executives, leadership assessments and select psychometrics can lose traction as leaders may perceive them too abstract or disconnected from the business strategy and realities leaders face day-to-day

The ExCo Group’s 360 approach to assessment triangulates past experience, current business context, and future ambition to help leaders understand how to close gaps between their motivations and observed behaviors. We understand the importance of one’s influence in the matrix and dig deep into where an individual fits in the enterprise strategy. Ultimately, a leader walks away from our assessment process with a full understanding of the leadership levers they must pull to advance their careers and move the needle for the enterprise.

The ExCo Group can integrate an organization’s survey assessment / psychometric of choice into the overall 360 assessment.

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The Process

Fully Customized to your Talent Strategy

  • Framework Development ExCo
    Framework Development

    Creation or utilization of enterprise leadership framework + ExCo’s lens with HR

  • Expectation-Setting
    Expectation Setting

    Alignment with candidate on process

  • Stakeholder-interviews
    Stakeholder Interviews + Survey Activation*

    Interview and surveybased data collection against framework

  • Data-generation-ExCo

    Synthesis of data into full 360 assessment results

  • Candidate-debrief
    Candidate Debrief + Action Plan

    Debrief of full 360 assessment with ExCo w/ candidate-driven action plan development

  • Alignment
    Candidate + Manager Alignment

    Candidate, manager, ExCo debrief of highlevel assessment results, action plan, and next steps

  • ExCo-Development
    Exco Development Planning With HR

    High-level assessment results debrief and bespoke development recommendations

*The ExCo Group can integrate an organization’s 3rd party survey assessment of choice.
Our standard assessment incorporates the Leadership Values Assessment.

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