one-to-one Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Senior Executive

Accelerating performance against today’s strategy and preparing to deliver on tomorrow’s

We match leaders with an experienced former senior executive to bring a unique and completely individual approach to help develop further and drive the performance required in today’s volatile and ambiguous environment.

New to Role + Overall Development + On-Boarding + Successor readiness

How We Do It

Our integrated 360 approach to executive coaching and mentoring helps senior leaders and newly promoted or recruited executives rapidly expand their own perspectives across the four main leadership dimensions required to accelerate and drive impact deep into the organization.

How_we_do_it ExCo

Leadership + Performance

The client-coach/mentor relationship provides a confidential space and opportunity for leaders to unpack challenges from different perspectives, leading to actionable outcomes that help leaders grow and accelerate performance against the delivery of an enterprise’s strategy such as:

Strategic Clarity ExCo
Better_Decision_Making ExCo
Impactful Execution ExCo
Developing Voice ExCo
Stakeholder Relations ExCo
Utilizing Teams ExCo

The Process

We customize our process aligned with the requirements of both the individual and the enterprise.

  • Casting ExCo
    • Match the right Executive Coach/Mentor to the client
  • Chemistry ExCo
    • Executive Coach/Mentor
    • Establish high-level goals
  • Due Diligence ExCo
    Due Diligence
    • Interviews
    • Review of strategy documents & financials
    • Assessments
  • Leadership Accelerator ExCo
    • Foundational conversations customized to one
    • Set coaching focus
  • one-to-one Mentoring
    • Unlimited access to Executive Coach/Mentor
  • Review ExCo
    Review Regular reviews to
    • Assess progress
    • Update agenda or determine conclusion

Our Impact