Leadership Teams

Exceptional Leaders Run – and Play on – Real Teams

In a world of disruption, successfully executing against the strategy requires more from leadership teams than ever before. Becoming a REAL TEAM requires trust from all, focus on what matters most and commitment to each other.

We combine lessons and insights from business, sport and the military in a pragmatic approach that engages and develops high-performing leadership teams that accelerate impact.

High Performing Leadership

trust + focus + commitment

How We Do It

Through group sessions – and in some cases additional individual sessions – our approach
focuses first on building the Foundations for a High-Performing Leadership Team:

  • Relationships
  • Purpose
  • Simple Plan
  • Behaviors
  • Prioritize
  • Mutual Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Over-Communicate

The Process

Our framework is customized to each team utilizing
the following process:

  • Initial-planning-ExCo
    Initial planning With key sponsors
  • Interviews-ExCo
    Interviews With team members
  • Diagnostic-assessment-ExCo
    Diagnostic assessment Optional
  • Final-planning-ExCo
    Final planning With sponsor
  • Team-based-sessions-ExCo
    Team-based sessions
  • Debrief-ExCo
    Debrief With sponsors
  • Follow-up-ExCo
    Follow up sessions
  • Individual-ExCo
    Individual sessions Optional

Depending on the needs of the team, our process can include:

360 Peer Reviews
Individual Coaching Sessions

Our Impact