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Executive Roundtable – Incorporating EBM into New Ventures

January 8, 2019

HRPS Executive Roundtable – Incorporating EBM into New Ventures

For most senior leaders, the challenge to evidence-based management is not in running the legacy business, but rather in attempting to make rapid decisions in the fast-evolving, high-risk, and future-critical aspects of their organizations. Guest columnist, Adam Bryant, and column regular, Sonja Meighan, sat down with Josh Walden, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel Product Assurance and Security Engineering Group, to ask about his insights on what he wished he’d known moving into his first “new ventures” role, and what he would tell newcomers to such roles today. Hint: balancing innovation with discipline is key.

For HR leaders and learning and development experts, the question is how best to support today’s leaders, and groom a consistently strong leadership bench, to navigate the rapids Walden describes below.

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