This is a transformational moment for leadership

It is Time for a Different Approach to Leadership Development

We are a global firm of experienced CEOs, independent directors, and global business leaders who specialize in an organization’s most valuable strategic asset: Leadership.

About Us

Who We Serve

  • Leaders
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We bring our experience as operators to every engagement

What We Do

Senior Executive Development

One-to-one executive mentoring and coaching to help accelerate a senior leader’s performance against today’s strategy and prepare them to deliver on tomorrow’s strategy


Empowering leaders to own their development against what matters


Return on succession

Assisting boards in the high-stakes, mission-critical responsibility of succession planning

Emerging Leaders Development

Equipping emerging leaders for next-level challenges

High-Performing Teams

Helping teams align around strategy and behaviors to execute faster and respond to the inevitable challenges of constant disruption in order to adapt for the future

Enterprise Transformation

Enabling organizations to more effectively execute their transformation strategies

What Makes Us Different

Our People

Our deep bench of executive mentors and coaches is comprised of independent directors, former CEOs and global business leaders who help executives ask better questions and drive to better outcomes. Our mentors/coaches offer an unparalleled skill set that combines empathy and courage to push clients to new thinking, as well as a steady hand to help them generate practical insights for expanding their leadership impact. Our approach is rooted in our fundamental belief that Leadership is the “How” of Strategy™

  • 200+Board positions held

  • 300+private and public companies where our mentors have held executive roles

  • CXOWe’ve held every role in the C-Suite

Our Approach

Are you getting your Leadership Return on Strategy®? Our approach is customized, measurable, impactful, and grounded in the leadership implications of the strategy.

Outcomes That Matter

We believe the bar should be raised for the leadership industry. We believe in better questions, in delivering Leadership Return on Strategy®, and in helping leaders create understanding and alignment from the board of directors to the front lines. And, we believe in helping boards, CEOs, and succession planners clarify and prioritize the needs of the day and the demands of the future. These are challenges all organizations face, and we are excited and committed to helping our clients meet this leadership moment head-on.

Our Scale

Our mentors/coaches have collectively seen nearly every business cycle, executive role, and competitive landscape. We bring these insights, combined with our ExCo methodology, to our clients at a global scale to meet them wherever they are or need to be.

  • Operated in 90+ Countries

  • Languages Spoken 15

What our clients say

Senior Executive Development

“I’m operating as the CEO of a social networking company at the bleeding edge of what’s going on in the world…. I don’t think I need a lot of mentorship by Silicon Valley minds. This kind of raw, thoughtful, insightful, tested, pragmatic leadership that [The ExCo Group] brings from a completely outside perspective has been really valuable to me.”

CEO, Leading Global Social Networking Company


“The way The ExCo Group approached the assessment and their perspective and triangulating what they’ve learned from their experience was a really groundbreaking and eye-opening hour. It really unlocked a lot of things that I’ve been trying to break through for myself. It was one of the most valuable hours I’ve had in my tenure as CEO of the company. It was very valuable, meaningful, and emotional. It unlocked a ton of value.”

CEO, Leading Global Social Networking Company


“We valued the fact that The ExCo Group knew our business and was thorough in understanding our strategy and what was required for the next leader. The process was comprehensive, yet completely relatable for our board. The entire board commented about the process, their engagement, and the clarity of the reporting which made the decision — which is always a difficult one — a lot easier. I would highly recommend The ExCo Group and would use them again any time for succession work.”

Chairman/CEO of a CEO transitioning out, Large Convenience Retailer

Emerging Leaders Development

“My mentor definitely influenced how I show up, engage, on-board, and communicate with my team. Even before moving into my new role, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to influence key stakeholders, approach conversations, and how to position my interactions with the CEO. That was extremely useful. I changed how I show up and work with the team and the CEO.”

Director of National Field Service, One of the Largest Youth Organizations in the US

High Performing Teams

“A game-changer. Your experience and approach pushed us as a team. We learned more about each other than I thought possible and have been clicking ever since. We keep bringing them back to help us grow even more which the team looks forward to.”

CEO, Private Equity Portfolio Company

Enterprise Transformation

“One of the biggest changes I made to the business is changing how I think about the role. I shifted from, ‘This is my job, and I need to accomplish these tasks,’ to setting up the systems, processes, and culture so others can accomplish the tasks. That was a big change and a very good thing.”

COO, Educational Non-Profit

Senior Executive Development

“My experience working with you made a difference to how I addressed the change. It didn’t change my strategy, necessarily, but it changed how I carried out that strategy. How I worked the change, the sequencing of what I did, when. My mentor was patient and persistent. I kept going for two years because he added real value.”

Global Practice Leader, Professional Services Firm


“I’ve done lots of these feedback sessions in my career, and this one with The ExCo Group was by far the clearest and most impactful. I learned more in my debrief than I did in 30 years of hearing similar types of debriefs.”

One of multiple succession candidates, $44B Fortune 100 Firm

Emerging Leaders Development

The diverse leader accelerator has been a phenomenal experience, not only my individual experience, but what you were able to do with customization. Your amazing diverse talent really connected with our participants and it makes a whole world of difference. We’re hitting not only leadership development, but also connecting at a whole new level as a company. It’s a tremendous value add to the individuals and we’re so pleased as an organization as well.

Fortune 50 Company Leader and Cohort Participant

Senior Executive Development

“My mentor helped me ensure I was working on the right things and managing at scale. That was critical. I was driving a three-year strategic plan, and during that time we doubled the size of our team. My coaching was for a year and a half of that and was incredibly helpful.”

CEO, Global Financial Technology Firm


“We are so happy to be working with The ExCo Group. Our CEO and CHRO were blown away with your insights, reporting, and the thoroughness of your work. We loved the simplicity. It was very traceable for the leader from the inputs to the outputs. Historically, we have struggled with getting inputs to connect to the outputs, but you nailed it. We look forward to and remain committed to working with you in the future.”

Global talent leader who led the succession process, American Diversified Global Insurer

High Performing Teams

“The 360 and user manual were great. To hear how others perceive me was helpful. It changed my thinking and my approach from a senior leadership team standpoint and how we were looking at things. It also created a greater desire and realization that we need to be a better, higher-performing team. We have a lot of great individuals, but the gap between that and what we could be as a team became apparent.”

EVP Operations, Digital, & Technology, Leading Global Foodservice Retailer