Akira Hoshino

Akira Hoshino

  • Former CEO

Century Medical Inc.

Akira Hoshino


Primary Region Experience: Japan

Akira Hoshino brings over 42 years of experience in international business that includes a successful track record of driving revenue and net profit across enterprises. Throughout his career he excelled at developing other leaders and continues to do so at The ExCo Group.

Career History

Under his leadership as CEO and President of Century Medical Inc., he nearly doubled the company’s revenue and increased its net profit by 200%. Prior to serving as CEO and President of Century Medical Inc. Akira served as Senior Vice President of ITOCHU International Inc in New York City where he was responsible for the North American Machinery Business. During his tenure, he expanded the company portfolio and improved the performance of its 13 subsidiaries. He led the organization through a time of significant revenue increase, resulting in a 24-fold net profit increase.


Akira lives in Tokyo with his wife. He has two grown up sons. He is a graduate of the University of Tokyo and the Harvard Executive Business program.